As of March 21st 2011 there are 194 homes that are listed for sale on the Maury County side of the Spring Hill Tn. During the time period of January 1st 2011 through March 15th 2011 there were 31 properties that sold and closed on the Maury County Side of the City.

Active  194 Properties Found    Homes For Sale Spring Hill Tn
  Square Feet Bedrooms Full Baths Half Baths List Price Sales Price Days on Market
MIN 600 0 0 0 $60,000 $0 0
AVG 2,078 3.11 2.12 0.39 $244,809 $0 125
MEDIAN 1,966 3 2 1 $179,900 $0 72
MAX 6,994 5 4 2 $8,980,000 $0 713
  Closed  31 Properties Found       Spring Hill Tn Real Estate
  Square Feet Bedrooms Full Baths Half Baths List Price Sales Price Days on Market
MIN 1,165 2 2 0 $103,500 $96,500 0
AVG 1,898 3.13 2.13 0.23 $172,672 $166,370 125
MEDIAN 1,896 3 2 1 $169,987 $162,704 139
MAX 2,759 4 3 1 $329,999 $324,000 356

I can now determine how many months of inventory are currently on the market based on the number of properties currently listed for sale and dividing that number by the the absorption rate of the past 2.5 month period. The above chart shows that there are 194 listed properties in Spring Hill-Maury County and the absorption rate of 12.4 residential properties a month. This means that as of March 21st 2011, Spring Hill-Maury County has 15.65 months of inventory.

When looking back in the six month period from September 15th 2010 through March 15th, the absorption rate comes out to 21.67 residential properties a month. This adjusts our months of invertory to 12.93 months of inventory. This is a reflection of more people listing their homes for sale now that we have entered the spring months.

Absorbtion Rates are a reflection of how many properties that have sold and closed during a specific period of time. Months of Inventory are a reflection of a given amount of properties that are for sale at a specific point of time compared with the actual number of properties that sold and closed during a spcific period of time.

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Spring Hill Tn is located approximately 30 miles south of Nashville and is located just of I-65 and offers easy access to Hwy 31 and I-840 as well. Spring Hill is a growing community with a 2007 population of over 23,000 residents living on just over 17.5 square miles. Spring Hill currently has 13 public schools serving it's students with four of the schools serving the Maury County side of the city.

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